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John was raised on music. At an early age he began taking accordion lessons on the recommendation of his grandfather. This was definitely not his instrument of choice. By the age of 11 he managed to acquire a beat up guitar from a friend. This was the beginning of his passion for the guitar. He went to a Catholic school and was performing readily in the church group during sixth through eight grades.


In his High School years he tried again and again to set up “the perfect band.” Finally, in his senior year he hooked up with a group of guys from different schools to form a band that lasted 10 years. They performed at weddings, parties and then ended up in the lounge/bar circuit. The band was called “Rights to Eternity” in the early days and ended as “R.T.E” They recorded a 45 record called “Ken’s Bungalow Boogie” in honor of one of their favorite places to play. After the “R.T.E.” era, he continued on to play in local bands like: “Windy City Nights,” “Anything Goes,” even a Flute and Guitar Duo, “Just the 2 Of Us.” 


While this was going on, he took other types of jobs like performing in pit orchestras for musicals. Some titles were: “Chess,” “Evita,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Me and My Girl,” “Metropolis” . . . many more. His love for the guitar just kept growing. He has also performed at many events like “Taste of Chicago” and other local fests. 


One of the quests he set out for was to perform on a cruise ship. He did it from November 2004 through April 2005. He was in the show band of the ms Volendam for Holland America lines. He went out to sea again in February 2006 aboard the ms Veendam. He had the honor to share the stage with some of the finest musicians in the world. Musicians from Russia, Poland, Canada, Scotland . . . the list continues.


  He studied both electric and classical guitars at Roosevelt University in Chicago. He first began giving guitar lessons at the age of 20. He went to a local music store to take lessons. Within a month, he was offered a job giving lessons. He took it. He worked there for three years and then went on his own to establish “The Music Loft.” He now owns three locations. The most recent in Knysna, South Africa. 


From 1994 to the present he has been recorded on 12 CD projects. His music has been heard in more than 16 countries. He has written and co-written numerous songs. 


 John has performed with, composed for, accompanied, backed up, taught, and produced many people. His Love of Music and the Guitar is impeccable. His playing and positive attitude on life itself, has inspired people form all over the world.

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Contact Phone: 708-408-7530


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